GREP Find & Replace <p class>

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Question GREP Find & Replace <p class>

I am making an eBook.

I am editing the html in BBedit.

I need to replace all <p class="s5"> with just a <p>.

How do I write this for GREP?

Thank you,
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sed 's/<p class="s5">/<p>/g'  myFile

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Thanks but I have a question

Which part do I write in the Find section?

And which part do I write in the Replace section?
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Originally Posted by cuddlykitty
Which part do I write in the Find section?

And which part do I write in the Replace section?
this should do what you asked for.
Tried it?
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Error message

It's giving me an error.

I'm using the BBEdit GREP -- I go to Search, Find, then it provides me two fields: Find, and then Replace.
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Sorry, I misunderstood you then - I don't know how to do it in BBedit...

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