terminator shell not working after upgrading ubuntu linux

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terminator shell not working after upgrading ubuntu linux

Terminator is a program that allows users to set up flexible arrangements of GNOME terminals.
It has stopped working for me after upgrading to ubuntu 11.10. it does not give prompt to type anything. Just stuck with /bin/bash in the title.
I removed and installed again, same thing. The usual Terminal and xterm programs are working fine. Any clues to correct this.
Thank you.
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How is terminator usually used? Perhaps there's something missing in your profile.
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it is just an application i open from the GUI programs menu. I can also type

in any shell and it open a window with prompt and starts in my home director.
But after the upgrades, I tried all these ways, the window opens but it is not showing prompt and not allowing me to type anything. I wonder where in ubuntu linux could the profile setting be affected by upgrade. It is really annoying.

Originally Posted by Corona688
How is terminator usually used? Perhaps there's something missing in your profile.

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