Output all files fitting the pattern

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-bash-3.2$ ls /tmp/?[0-9]* | sort -r
ls: /tmp/?[0-9]*: No such file or directory

It means what it says; there's no files in /tmp/ which meet the criteria.

Could you give an example of the sort of filename you want to match?
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Originally Posted by FUTURE_EINSTEIN
Sorry I don't know why bur it does not working
ls: /tmp/?[0-9]*: No such file or directorySmilie
Originally Posted by alister
That behavior would only occur if the argument to ls is quoted or if pathname expansion is disabled (very unlikely).
Originally Posted by Corona688
It means what it says; there's no files in /tmp/ which meet the criteria.
Oh, yeah ... that too. Smilie

For the benefit of the OP, if your pattern doesn't match any pathname, it isn't expanded. It is passed to the command as is.


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