Variables and math in Old skool Bourne Shell

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Variables and math in Old skool Bourne Shell

Hey everybody, I've been searching google and these forums and have found some solutions to the issues I've been having today within the OLD Bourne Shell. I am following chapter 6 of the Guide to Unix using Linux 4th Edition.

I am working on some basic calculations with variables in the BASH SHELL and doing the same within the Bourne Shell with modifications.

In BASH, I did the following:

let X=10+2*7
Type echo $X and press Enter. You see 24 on the screen.

Now I realize that the bourne shell does NOT have LET as a command, and I need to use expr.

I was able to get the math to work, by doing the following:

$ expr 10 + 2 '*' 7
24 is the answer.

But how do I incorporate the variable of X into this?

I tried:

$ X=%((10 + 2 '*' 7))
but get the error: synatx error: 'X=% unexpected

Anybody mind giving me an idea what I am doing wrong?
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X=`expr ...`

This User Gave Thanks to neutronscott For This Post:
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Originally Posted by neutronscott
X=`expr ...`

Thank you for the guidence.

I was able to get it.

Here is what I wrote out:

X=`expr 10 \+ 2 \* 7`
echo $X


So I got X as the variable holding the answer of 24....Thank you very much!
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Both expr and bc are external commands and therefore nothing to do with the Shell.

I prefer bc because it can handle both simple and complex formuli:
X=`echo "10 + (2 * 7)"|bc`
echo $X


Many will note that this works but is less easy to read:
X=`echo "10 + 2 * 7"|bc`
echo $X



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