Help syntax to restore partition from ftp

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Help syntax to restore partition from ftp

Hi, I found info on the internet to backup a partition to ftp.
But I am unable to properly format the syntax to restore the partition.
This is being done from a ssh logged in session to a server booted with a liveCD.

dd if=/dev/sda5 bs=2048 conv=noerror,sync | lftp -u user,passwd ftpsiteIP -e "put /dev/stdin -o servbak5.img; quit"

lftp -u user,passwd ftpsiteIP -e "get /dev/stdin -o servbak5.img; quit" | dd of=/dev/sda5

Can someone help with the restore syntax please?


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First just a quick bit of site etiquette, please use code tags - it makes things easier to read.

Now the problem, does the live CD actually know about the partition table? And what if any errors are you getting?


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I believe the LiveCD does know. We check the structure with
fdisk -l

and we can see all the partions listed properly for all drives. That is how we knew what to backup.

The error when we run the restore command, is that a file copy occurs, but it is taking the servbak5.img and copying it directly to root of livecd, and survives a reboot. It then runs out of disk space and our logged in session freezes.

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You can't write to standard input. -o /dev/stdout? You might also need to reverse the order there.
get servbak5.img -o /dev/stdout

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I tried your luck.
I get the following error:

get: /dev/stdout: File exists
0+0 records in
0+0 records out
0 bytes (0 B) copied, 6.65242 s, 0.0 kB/s
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Just hunting for stdout in lftp's manual page found the answer -- using cat instead of get should send the file to standard output.
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Thanks . That seems to be doing it. I see via the ftp server the upload going, but am not able to see any indication of activity via my terminal ssh window.
I was able to see activity when i did the original backup to the ftp server.

would adding a pipe like 'PV' to the equation help to get a visual indication of activity?

Thanks for the assistance so far. At least it's working.Smilie


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