Find and add a field for an input file

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Originally Posted by V1l1h1
since my file has about 100000 records, would it be safe to write to a different output file instead of printing to screen? if so, please tell me how I can do that?
The same way you make any other shell command print to file instead of terminal. command > filename

if you have time, please help me understand below two questions..

Two questions..
1) when I used AWK to print first column

perseus.gasleak(/usr/GLS/AMI/Pepco/Portable)% awk '{print $1}' phi_pep.txt

output is:

perseus.gasleak(/usr/GLS/AMI/Pepco/Portable)% awk '{print $2}' phi_pep.txt

Why it is displaying like this?
You haven't told awk to use anything else, so it's assuming columns are separated by spaces. If you want it to use commas, give it -F","

2) if "-F" is used for comma delimited record file, why didn't is print just the first column?
I'm not sure of your question here, but my best guess is that it split on the first whitespace it found.
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Mead, Thank you.. I have a little bit more understanding now..
Although, Scott didn't use "," in his syntax..

I still need to use Scott's format..
nawk -F, '{$8=substr($8,1+index($8,"_")) OFS $8}1' OFS=, phi_pep.txt > phiPep.txt ?
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What difference does it make to the program being run whether a comma is in quotes?
$ echo ,


$ echo ","



echo doesn't see the quotes. Neither does awk.
nawk -F, '{$8=substr($8,1+index($8,"_")) OFS $8}1' OFS=, phi_pep.txt > phiPep.txt ?
Sure, as long as the file you're writing and the file you're reading aren't the same.
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Thank you for your quick response UNIX guru.. I got the ball rolling my side with your help..

Also appriciate your help folks, now, i know some UNIX ..

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