Taking the average of two columns and printing it on a new column

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Taking the average of two columns and printing it on a new column


I have a space delimited text file that looks like the following:

Aa 100 200
Bb 300 100
Cc X 500
Dd 600 X

Basically, I want to take the average of columns 2 and 3 and print it in column 4. However if there is an X in either column 2 or 3, I want to print the non-X value. Therefore the output will look like this:

Aa 100 200 150
Bb 300 100 200
Cc X 500 500
Dd 600 X 600

How do I go about doing this? Thanks!
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awk '/X/ { for(N=2; N<=NF; N++) if($N != "X") break } $4=$N; print; next } { $4=($3+$2)/2 } 1' inputfile

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I get the following error msg when I try the code:

awk: /X/ { for(N=2; N<=NF; N++) if($N != "X") break } $4=$N; print; next } { $4=($3+$2)/2 } 1
awk: ^ syntax error
awk: each rule must have a pattern or an action part
awk: /X/ { for(N=2; N<=NF; N++) if($N != "X") break } $4=$N; print; next } { $4=($3+$2)/2 } 1
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Originally Posted by Corona688
awk '/X/ { for(N=2; N<=NF; N++) if($N != "X") break; $4=$N; print; next } { $4=($3+$2)/2 } 1' inputfile

There is an extra "}" exists, try with above.
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How would I go about altering the code if there are more than 2 files?
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Depends what you want it to do with those files.
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Sorry, I meant more than two columns so that the code would have to be altered to take the average of more than two columns ignoring the X's.

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