Cannot Delete Directory

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Cannot Delete Directory


I am trying to delete a directory but cannot. Can anyone assist?

See attached.

Many thanks.
Cannot Delete Directory-directorypng
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You probably have an unprintable character in the directory name. View the name with "ls -b" in the parent directory.

Refer Can't delete a directory on HP-UX
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rm -rf V_MTX_PMR

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You can find the inode of the file or directory with:
ll -i

ls -i

Then, you can remove the inode, using the find command.
find . -inum <put the inode number here> -exec rm -i '{}' \;

... sorry, the AIX syntax escapes me at the moment. I always forget how to do the exec rm on AIX...

Hope this helps!
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Originally Posted by Michael_K
... sorry, the AIX syntax escapes me at the moment.
Exactly the same way you described it for the non-AIX systems. find is a standard (POSIX-defined) command with a standard syntax. The difference in the ls ("ll" vs. "ls") comes from an alias ("ll"="ls -l") Linux-systems have per default which AIX lacks, thats all.

I hope this helps.

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Only some Linux systems have that per-default. Mine certainly didn't.
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If ls -b doesn't find the name of the directory, try this sed which is designed to make control codes visible. The normal line terminator shows as a dollar sign which helps find files with trailing spaces in their names:
ls -al | sed -n l


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