Script to delete files in different folder

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Script to delete files in different folder

Hi Experts,

i need a little help.

i have different folder that contain files that need to be deleted. but those folder contains huge amoung of same with 3 different extention.

what i used to do is to delete them using the rm commande
rm *.ext *.ext1 *.ext3

what i want to do is to have a script that when running will go through the different folders and delete all the files as mentioned below.

reason why i want this is to avoid any member to delete other files or folder by mistake with can cause trouble to my work.

hardcoding this steps will help me a lot.

thanks in advance
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First check if this is giving you the correct like of files to remove:
find /directory -type f -regex ".*\.ext[13]?"

If it is the case, then remove them with:
find /directory -type f -regex ".*\.ext[13]?" -exec rm {} \;


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