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awk and file combination

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Old 06-13-2005
awk and file combination

Hi there,
I have 3 files and i want to take different fields from each file and combine them in one. I would like to ask if somebody tell me how can I refer to each field of the different files to write an awk command.

I mean can I do sth like

awk '........... print $1.file1 $3.file2}' file1 file2 file3



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Old 06-13-2005
You may find it easier to use paste to join the files before using awk, e.g...
$ head [ab]file
==> afile <==
a1 a2 a3

==> bfile <==
b1 b2 b3

$ paste [ab]file | awk '{print $1, $6}'
a1 b3


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