Scripts exists but crontab says "File not found"

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Scripts exists but crontab says "File not found"

Hi All,

We have an archiving script on our applications box. It is scheduled to run at 36th minute every hour.

36 * * * * /

But it throws an error saying "sh: / not found". I am not able to understand why.

# ls -l / ; file /
-rwxr-xr-x   1 root     root          74 Apr 19 09:44 /
/  executable /sbin/bash script

Can anyone enlighten me why?
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try with

36 * * * * bash /

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Hi Raj,

1.How does the system know this is a bash script? From the first line of the file?
# head -1 /

2. If my working shell is Bourne, can I make the cron-job work without editing it all
#  echo $0 ; head -1 /

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What do you get for:
type /sbin/bash
type /bin/bash
type /usr/bin/bash

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# type /sbin/bash ; type /bin/bash ; type /usr/bin/bash
/sbin/bash not found
/bin/bash is /bin/bash
/usr/bin/bash is /usr/bin/bash

By the way, this did not work:
36 * * * * bash /

i am still getting the error "sh: / not found"
But, when I run
# sh /

it works and does not show any error. :-s

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It is now resolved after trail and error:
The script type is bash and the first line in the script read till then "#!/sbin/bash" which did not exist in the box. So, I changed that to "#!/bin/bash" which is tha path to bash shell in the box and now the job is running sucessfully.
AKA : As shown in the error message, it was not the script-file that was not found.. It was the shell that was not found
This made my day!

Posted this just in case someone might get the same error.


Moderator's Comments:
Mod Comment Thank you for posting the solution. The location of bash was what I suspected.

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