move a file content to another directory

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Question move a file content to another directory

my script is:

/u/user/orginal/:#! /bin/ksh
                      find . -name "aur_prog*" -exec grep -il "error" > test.out
                      #awk command to destination directory  
test.out file contain:

how to move this file(test.out) content to another directory using shell script
current directory: /u/user/orginal/test.out
destination directory:/u/user/filemv/

awk 'BEGIN {FS="/"} {print $2}' /u/user/filemv/

this awk will work??

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This awk moves nothing. It just parses the input and shows the 2nd field where / is the field separator. Why don't you try it simply out?!

Most grep implementations have a -R switch so they can search recursive. If this is the case on your system, you don't need find:

grep -Ril "error" > test.out

You could also just pipe the output to your move:
grep -Ril "error"| xargs -I {} mv {} /some/other/directory

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In case you really want test.out, then along with zaxxon's first solution, you could use the following to move files to a different directory:

while IFS='/' read x y; do mv $y /u/user/filemv/; done < test.out

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/u/user/orginal/:this directory contain 100000+ files, so "grep" command won't work.
And /u/user/orginal/ this directory files are important,so i just can't move to another directory. In that condition im redirecting the output to test.out file and trying to move the content to destination directory(/u/user/filemv/)

hi guysSmilie
will u please help me out in this conditionSmilie

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 while IFS='/' read x y; do mv $y /u/user/filemv/; done < test.out

code is working, but its moving the files from /u/user/orginal/ directory also.
i want to move the files only from test.out file to /u/user/filemv/, is there any way.

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Sorry but why does grep -R not work with searching 100.000+ files? You could change it from searching "*" to "aur_prog*" like in your find to narrow down the search but it shouldn't matter how many files to search.
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in the directory, "error" pattern is available in many kinda files. The need is, want "aur_proc" type of files error pattern the code contail "aur_prog*".

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