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Check spelling between two files

Hello, so I was wanting to find a way to check the spelling between two files to see if the terms in both were spelled correctly. However, this won't be for normal words, but for special terms, like "1732_1", to see if it is spelled the same way in one file as in the other, instead of "1732_1" in one file and "1735_1" in the other. The problem is that I have hundreds of these terms and have no way of doing this by eye. Thanks.
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Can you post sample input files and desired output after comparing them?
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Ok, here's input file 1:

sp1 1234_1 1234_2
sp2 2345_1 2345_2
Here's file 2:
What I'm wanting to do is to confirm that the same terms between the two files are actually spelled the same and that there are not any errors. For example, for 1234_1 in file 1, I want to make sure that it is 1234_1 in file 2 and not something else.

Essentially, file 2 is a list of trees (newick, for phylogenetics), and I want to make sure that the names on the tips of the trees are the same as the list of names in file one. Does this make sense?

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