Wish to install Linux Mint 13, Mepis and Solus OS. Help!

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Java Wish to install Linux Mint 13, Mepis and Solus OS. Help!

hi everyone,

I have a core 2 duo PC with ASUS motherboard with 2 GB ram and ATI graphic card. I already have Windows XP installed on the PC. I also wish to install 32 bit 1- Linux Mint 13, 2- Mepis and 3- Solus OS while keeping Windows XP default. Kindly inform me how to do that? Also how much space should I give to each distro and which distro should I install first and which should I install last?

Following is my current hard disk partition set up:

C: 62.1 GB (Has Windows XP)

D: 62.1 GB (Has Windows Data)

E: 62.1 GB (Free)

F: 74.5 GB (Another hard drive - Free)

Kindly guide me how to do that since I am not an expert I need your help. Best regards. Smilie
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We need more details. Have you ever used linux before? Have you ever installed linux before? What do you intend on doing with each distro of linux? Which distro of linux do you plan on using the most? These questions need to be answered before we can give you a good answer.
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Yes I used Linux a few years ago. I used Linux Mint. I installed it myself and before it was easier to install it than now. I have read that Debian 6 stable is very stable. My earlier experience with Mint was not good. It was very buggy. So I thought to install a Debain stable based distro; thus I selected Solus OS for its Gnome DE and Mepis for its KDE DE. About wishing to install Linux Mint again I would say that I have read that the current version of Ubuntu 12.04 is very stable and not buggy and since Mint 13 is based on Ubuntu 12.04 I would like to use it as it works out of the box. I plan to use the distro which is the most stable and bug free. I require your help to install these distros so kindly help! Smilie
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We can't really see your computer from here, so we can't help you down to the 'what button do I push' level. You may have used Linux before but don't seem that familiar with it (referring to disks by drive letters and all -- Linux has no such concept like 'drive letter!') Knowing how to install one Linux really doesn't tell you how to install any other; linux is the 1-meg file which loads on boot, literally everything else is what programs they built and what programs they chose to bundle with it. It's not an all-in-one package the way Windows is.

My suggestion would be to install on the drive you've designated 'F' and ignore the primary hard drive completely. Adjust the boot-order in CMOS so it boots the linux hard disk first, instead of trying to play games with two OSes and one bootloader. You can get that working later if you want, but you don't have to deal with that difficulty if you don't need to.

This will be much safer than trying to dual-boot, wherein one mistake in installation could destroy both OSes...

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