Want to improve the rsize and wsize of nfs mounted drives

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Want to improve the rsize and wsize of nfs mounted drives

we have couple of nfs mounts between various linux servers. Recently i was wondering how to improve the performance by altering the parameters "msize" and "rsize" for nfs.
In my machine i have determined the NFSSVC_MAXBLKSIZE_V2 = 8*1024 but kernel 2.6 supports upto 32k Optimizing NFS Performance

Please help me with below questions
1) Do i need to recompile the kernel to take 32k support
2) Does making it 32k reduces the performance of overall system

Also please let me know if there are any other optimization parameters.

Any help is much appreciated


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MOUNT.NFS(8)						      System Manager's Manual						      MOUNT.NFS(8)

mount.nfs, mount.nfs4 - mount a Network File System SYNOPSIS
mount.nfs remotetarget dir [-rvVwfnsh ] [-o options] DESCRIPTION
mount.nfs is a part of nfs(5) utilities package, which provides NFS client functionality. mount.nfs is meant to be used by the mount(8) command for mounting NFS shares. This subcommand, however, can also be used as a standalone command with limited functionality. mount.nfs4 is used for mounting NFSv4 file system, while mount.nfs is used to mount NFS file systems versions 3 or 2. remotetarget is a server share usually in the form of servername:/path/to/share. dir is the directory on which the file system is to be mounted. OPTIONS
-r Mount file system readonly. -v Be verbose. -V Print version. -w Mount file system read-write. -f Fake mount. Don't actually call the mount system call. -n Do not update /etc/mtab. By default, an entry is created in /etc/mtab for every mounted file system. Use this option to skip making an entry. -s Tolerate sloppy mount options rather than fail. -h Print help message. nfsoptions Refer to nfs(5) or mount(8) manual pages. NOTE
For further information please refer nfs(5) and mount(8) manual pages. FILES
/etc/fstab file system table /etc/mtab table of mounted file systems SEE ALSO
nfs(5), mount(8), AUTHOR
Amit Gud <agud@redhat.com> 5 Jun 2006 MOUNT.NFS(8)