Shell input to remove every second file in a directory

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Shell input to remove every second file in a directory

Hey guys,

I am looking for simple shell script, so i can remove every second file in a directory.

For example in any given directory there are 10.000 files:


After running the command, it will delete every second file in the directory. Instead of 10.000 files there are now 5000 and the dir will look like:


Now in this example I am deleting the second line, which result in only the even numbers getting deleted. But I want to be able to shrink down the directory every time I run the command.

So after running it a second time it should half the size of the directory in number of file and look like this:


I already renamed all the files so that they are sequential.

Thanks! Smilie
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So all you want to do is deleting. Why cant you do that in a single run?
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I want to delete every other / second file in a directory.

As there are 10.000+ file in this dir, I don't want to do this manually?
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What I meant was, if you keep running this script, eventually you will end up in a single file! right?

Rather, why don't you just delete all of 'em except 0001?? Smilie
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If I wanted to run the script so many times that I just would have ended up with 0001 yes I would have just RM * except the first one yes. But That is obvious not the reason why I am posting this. I need to scale down a batch of photos for a specific reason. Deleting every other file will help me with this process.

I am stuck on how to filter out every other file, to eventually delete it.

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awk ‘NR%2 != 0′

should result in every second file right?

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got it

ls | sed -n "p;N;" | xargs rm -r
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Its good that you found something Smilie

I hope you should be using NR%2==0, so that it result in the even line

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