Awk match on columns and delete line

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Awk match on columns and delete line


I have a file like this

a 1 2 
b 2 2
c 2 3
d 4 5
f 5 6


a 1 2
c 2 3
d 4 5
f 5 6

Basically, I want to delete the whole line if $2 and $3 are the same. Thanks
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awk '{last=$2}{if(last == $3) getline;print}' file 
a 1 2 
c 2 3
d 4 5
f 5 6

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awk '$2!=$3' infile

grep -Ev '(.+) \1$' infile

@in2nix: That would be problematic for consecutive lines, no?
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awk '$2!=$3' file

EDIT: Oops, sorry Scrutinizer...Smilie
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Thanks to all of you for your valuable time.

What is the difference between infile and file?

Or are they both the same?
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The same, just an arbitrary name that you can replace with the name of your actual file..

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