how do I get my arrow keys to work for looking thru my PREVIOUS UNIX COMMANDS

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how do I get my arrow keys to work for looking thru my PREVIOUS UNIX COMMANDS

how do I make my arrow keys behave like they are on DOS.
ALSO i need editing on command promt like it is on DOS on my UNIX prompt
can anyone help pl..
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type set -o Is the vi option turned on? If not, type set -o vi. You should now have history recall/search via keyboard.
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What shell are you using? The ability to do this depends on which shell you are using.
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I am using Korn Shell
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Editting on command prompt. There's a number of tools for the job.

The most popular are:

pico (or nano), emacs, and vi

personally I think the easiest to use is emacs and the most tricky is vi (since it's all commd based).

The korn shell should also support using arrow keys for cycling throught the history etc too. What happens when you press up? What terminal type are you using?
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$ echo $TERM
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The korn shell does *not* support arrow keys for scrolling through commands.

The easiest way is to use vi mode (set -o vi) and then use Esc to get into command mode then k and j to cycle through commands.

The tcsh allows arrow key scrolling, as does bash.


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