To Add extra commas to a CSV file using 2 files...

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To Add extra commas to a CSV file using 2 files...

Hi ,

Based on my previous requirement the code works fine for comma as delimiter.

Now my Req is widened up a bit ..

There will be two set of files .. one with comma as delimiter and other with semi-colon ; as delimiter.

Second Sample file.

With Double Quotes (Semi-Colon Delimited):
Line 1:"name";"xyz"
Line 2:"age;"45"
Line 3:"given";"data"
Line 4:
Line 5:"Col1";"Col2";"Col3";"Col4";"Col5";"Col6"
Line 6:"VOO004";"Text2";0;0;0;0

Previous Sample files for tour reference:

With out Double Quotes (Comma Delimited):
Line 1:name,xyz
Line 2:age,45
Line 3:given,data
Line 4:
Line 5:Col1,Col2,Col3,Col4,Col5,Col6
Line 6:VOO004,Text2,0,0,0,0

With Double Quotes (Comma Delimited):
Line 1:"name","xyz"
Line 2:"age,"45"
Line 3:"given","data"
Line 4:
Line 5:"Col1","Col2","Col3","Col4","Col5","Col6"
Line 6:"VOO004","Text2",0,0,0,0

The First Solution works fine for Text with out Double Quotes ... The File with comma delimited can come both with Text enclosed with Double Quotes and With our double Quotes.

Please help me with one script which can take care of this ...

Thanks in Advance.

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Please Help me on this.

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