number of chars

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number of chars

I am curious why the below returns 4 instead of 3
wc -c <<<aaa

a=aaa;echo ${#a}

returns 3.
How to get 3 using here -string operator in the above scenario

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What you're asking cannot be done, as far as I know. bash (I'm assuming that's what you're using) appends a newline at the end of the here-string, even when the command is terminated with a semicolon. I presume this is to maintain compatibility between a here-string and a here-document of identical content.

Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if the here-string is implemented with a here-document.


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Further to allister, if the here string in your Shell (whatever that is) had not appended a linefeed (thereby making the 4th character) the "wc" command would have seen nothing because it expects correctly formatted text files.

If you needed the answer three, you would have to subtract one from the result to eliminate count for the linefeed character.

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