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Execute a command as root from normal user

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Execute a command as root from normal user

Hi ,

I am trying to stop and start a process using the below code. I have sudo access on my machine
## PID = process id
echo "$PASSWD" | sudo -S kill -9 <PID>

echo "$PASSWD" | sudo -S /opt/abc/startserver
/opt/abc/startserver: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

But its working if i follow the below procedure
$ sudo -i
# opt/abc/startserver
Server Started

How do i execute a process with sudo access in my case , i have tried -p <promt option > but no use

any help is much appreciated
# 2  
You are running the upper code in a crontab? In any case it looks like the environment in the first example is missing LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable.
# 3  
First code is a script file not in cron.

The former are the series of commands executed in shell one after the other (not through scripting)
The below commands are working fine
<<command 1>>
$sudo -i 
<<command 2>>
# opt/abc/startserver Server Started 

i tried 
$sudo /opt/abc/startserver    , it throws the same error

# 4  
What, as the concerned user, is the output of
 sudo -l

# 5  
output of sudo -l
User <xyz> may run the following commands on this host:
# 6  
Ok its OT but, I feel a bit concerned by your security with what I see above...
Cant you get your user to have:
n12:/home/vbe $ sudo -l
User vbe may run the following commands on this host:

What I mean is execution without password... since he has all rights... or you all know the passwd and could not care...

Your issue now, it look like suggests Jim, to do with the environment...To see if its that source root's .profile before executing you commands:
 .  ~root/.profile

# 7  
Thanks vbe and jim

Finally the below code worked
## startserver is already included in the Current environment through /etc/profile
 echo "PASSWD" | sudo -S -E startserver

I dont want to try the below trick because this is just adhoc not a regular task.


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