Find only files that changed Yesterday

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Find only files that changed Yesterday

Hi ,

I know that find / -type f -mtime -1 will show all modified files that changed 24hrs preceeding the time i run the command. This will include list of files that changed today.

How do i find only files that changed yesterday staring from 00:00hrs to 23:59?


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Try this...

find . -mtime 1
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There may be other ways but you could use this. Touch 2 reference files with modification times as follows:

touch -t 201207022359.59 refstart
touch -t 201207040000.00 refend

and then use:

find . -type f -newer refstart \! -newer refend \! -name refend

This will show all the files modified on 3rd July, 2012. You could modify the time-stamps to suit your needs. If you have GNU date, then you could do it dynamically too.

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