Extract lines with specific words with addition 2 lines before and after

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I have a folder containing text files. I need to extract specific lines from the files of this folder based on another file input.txt. How can I do this with awk/sed? file1 ARG 81.9 8 81.9 0 LEU 27.1 9 27.1 0 PHE .0 10 .0 0 ASP 59.8 11 59.8 0 ASN 27.6 12 27.6 0 ALA .0 13 .0 0... (5 Replies)
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Hi, Please have a look on below records. STG_HCM_STATE_DIS_TAX_TBL.1207.Xfm: The value of the row is: EMPLID = 220677 COMPANY = 919 BALANCE_ID = 0 BALANCE_YEAR = 2012 STG_HCM_STATE_DIS_TAX_TBL.1207.Xfm: ORA-00001: unique constraint (SYSADM.PS_TAX_BALANCE) violated ... (4 Replies)
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I hava a file with following data: number|CREDIT_ID|NULL date|SYS_CREATION_DATE|NULL varchar2|GGS_COMMIT_CHAR|NULL varchar2|GGS_OP_TYPE|NULL number|GGS_SCN|NULL| number|GGS_LOG_SEQ|NULL number|GGS_LOG_POS|NULL number|GGS_ORACREC_SCN|NULL varchar2|BATCH_ID|NULL char|GGS_IMAGE_TYPE|NULL ... (6 Replies)
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Hello, I have a very large text file with about 2 million lines. Each of the lines starts like.. SNP_12345678 A 1212, 121, 343, ... SNP_12345678 B 4567, 567, 454, ... and so on. I want to extract specific SNPs and plot them by GNUplot or excel. The file is too large to be opened by text... (1 Reply)
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spottopgm(1L)															     spottopgm(1L)

spottopgm - convert SPOT satellite images to Portable Greymap format SYNTAX
spottopgm [-1|2|3] [Firstcol Firstline Lastcol Lastline] inputfile OPTIONS
-1|2|3 Extract the given colour from the SPOT image. The colours are infra-red, visible light and ultra-violet, although I don't know which corresponds to which number. If the image is in colour, this will be announced on standard error. The default colour is 1. Firstcol Firstline Lastcol Lastline Extract the specified rectangle from the SPOT image. Most SPOT images are 3000 lines long and 3000 or more columns wide. Unfortu- nately the SPOT format only gives the width and not the length. The width is printed on standard error. The default rectangle is the width of the input image by 3000 lines. DESCRIPTION
Spottopgm converts the named inputfile into Portable Greymap format, defaulting to the first color and the whole SPOT image unless speci- fied by the options. INSTALLATION
You must edit the source program and either define BIG_ENDIAN or LITTLE_ENDIAN, and fix the typedefs for uint32_t, uint16_t and uint8_t appropriately. BUGS
Currently spottopgm doesn't determine the length of the input file; this would involve two passes over the input file. It defaults to 3000 lines instead. Spottopgm could extract a three-color image (ppm), but I didn't feel like making the program more complicated than it is now. Besides, there is no one-to-one correspondence between red, green, blue and infra-red, visible and ultra-violet. I've only had a limited number of SPOT images to play with, and therefore wouldn't guarantee that this will work on any other images. AUTHOR
Warren Toomey wkt@csadfa.cs.adfa.oz.au SEE ALSO
The rest of the Pbmplus suite. spottopgm(1L)

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