look for specific values in a file and rename file with value found

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Old 07-01-2012
look for specific values in a file and rename file with value found

i have a file with some data ..look for some specific value in the file and if found that value rename the file with the value found in the file..
1236 43715825601ANDERSSON,
1236 437158256031963040120060901200609010000000
1236 43715825604123 MCCL AVE UPPER
1236 43715825605AMSTERDAM NY 120100000
1236 43715825611A756
1236 43715825633100620120215I00000007819GOR
1236 43715825633100620120215F00000020850GOR
1237 11868184001BEAUREGARD, TAMMY L 0F
1237 11868184003196812272001113020011130000000000000000000
1237 118681840041566 SALT SPRINGVILLE
1237 11868184005FORT PLAIN NY 133390000
1237 11868184011A756
need to fine the value A756(in place of A756 we can have any of the value from these...A756 or B234 or C987 ) if we found any of the value with in the file the file name should be changed to File_ValueFound.txt
ex: File_A756.txt
the place of value is same always..

Thanks in advance..
Siva Santosh

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Old 07-02-2012
Try this:
v=`fgrep "$fv" test.txt`
if [[ -n $v ]]; then mv test.txt test_${fv}.txt; fi;

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Old 07-02-2012
The basic logic is bellow to find and rename files having a matching string. You can add multi sreach string as per your requirement.

PHP Code:
for filename in `grep -l AAA /root/ars/*`;
echo $newname
# move your file i=using mv command

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Old 07-02-2012
we dont know which one will be in the file ..it is either A756 or B234 or C987
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Old 07-02-2012
Try this if the position of the records is always going to be in the 5th line and the string is 4 characters,

mv file.txt File_`sed -n '5p' file.txt | awk '{print substr($0,(length($0)-3))}'`.txt

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Old 07-02-2012
Hi Athix,
the record position can be any where(not the 5th line each time) ...but the string length is always 4 characters..but if string exist it will be from 17th position from start of the line (any of the line)..
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Old 07-02-2012
Only these 3 strings A756 or B234 or C987 to check ??? If NO, then on what basis, we can get the values of string from the input file ..

Be clear while providing the input and dont let us assume. This would eaten up our time to provide answers ..
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