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Backup of Product Database

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Backup of Product Database

I know its scarey me asking this, but system is homegrown and I am just having fun, but at the same time dont want to have tooo much fun where the phrase "little knowledge is dangerous" perfectly fits my actions ;-).

I have a couple of packages that are failing to be removed...

# geninstall -u 1c93fb9264f49035b29032332414db74
Pre-deinstall Verification...
Verifying selections...done
Verifying requisites...done

Filesets listed in this section failed pre-deinstall verification
and will not be removed.

InstallShield Multi-Platform (ISMP) Packaged Products:
The following products were selected for uninstallation, but they
are ISMP packaged products and cannot be uninstalled using the installp
command. You may use the geninstall command to uninstall the following


<< End of Failure Section >>

1 Selected to be deinstalled, of which:
1 FAILED pre-deinstall verification
0 Total to be deinstalled

Pre-installation Failure/Warning Summary
Name Level Pre-installation Failure/Warning
1c93fb9264f49035b29032332 Failed pre-deinstallation check

I looked around and at fisrt glance it looks like Install shield is creating havoc and that installp is working in the covers..question rose after googling that if this is the case I'd need the ‘installp' libraries to see the scripts that are being invoked. (not my cup of tea)

but then somehow I answered my question.....since the actual error is

# installp -u
Pre-deinstall Verification...
Verifying selections...done
Verifying requisites...0503-214 installp: A lexical error occurred for 1c93fb9264f49035b29032332414db74
on line 1, column 11.
There is an illegal number: 07c.
Use local problem reporting procedures.

after which I looked around and scraped this command...but I want to do it gracefully...
Now my question....What is take backup of Product Database.....does it mean the ODM and the backup of SWVPD ? if yes how can i accomplish this, cos only then would I want to do something like this below

odmdelete -o product -q "lpp_name=<put name, returned by lslpp -l here>"
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It just goes over my head.
# 3  
;-) over all heads looks like...
i removed it from odm ....what i was asking was what is Prod database.....I fugured it out..

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