Question on cut

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Yet another way:
$ cat x

# Read the first line from the file into shell variables.
IFS=: read field1 field2 field3 field4 < x.dat

# Print out the desired fields with a dash separator.
print "${field2}-${field4}"

exit 0
$ x

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Note: with read you can use IFS local to the read command, so that you do not need to globally set/reset IFS :
IFS=: read field1 field2 field3 field4 < x.dat

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Excellent point, I had forgotten about that. I will edit and simplify my example. Thanks!
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awk -F: '{print $2,$4}' OFS=- infile

it is imp to keep , in between $2 and $4 to make OFS effective in output. Else it will default as blank space.

Hi Scrut,

it is correct?
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Originally Posted by krsnadasa

awk -F: '{print $2,$4}' OFS=- infile

it is imp to keep , in between $2 and $4 to make OFS effective in output. Else it will default as blank space.
Yes, the comma is needed to make use of OFS.
No, it will not "default" as a space but if the 2 fields are "glued" together in the print statement without the comma, the output will also be "glued" together without any space.
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