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Old 06-03-2005
Problem in split command

I want to split a file containing millions of records.
I am issuing the command
split -l 20000 filename which will split the file in 20K records each.
It works fine except in some files, data after one particular field is lost( the field with space).
Say the record is
C||121.5||N|131.20|13.5|0|0|0|9.2|4.3|||A||12312007|THIS FIELD|0|0|0||T|PM
The split file contains record as
Is this due to spaces?
Any solutions?
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Old 06-03-2005
Lightbulb Not related to question but :-

split -l 20000 file : - will split the input file into number of files each containing 20000 lines and not 20KB files .

Use split -b k 20 file to split the file into multiple 20k files .

Rahul Smilie
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Old 06-03-2005
wrong syntax:
it is split -b 20k file.tar.whatever :-)
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Old 06-03-2005
I think your wording got you some interesting answers.

split is not normally affected by spaces, to answer your question. In your use it only pays attention to \n (newline) characters or control characters like vertical tab. It may be a data issue, like embedded control characters.

Try using od on the offending line in the original source file. Look for junk characters.
head -offendingline# filename | tail -1 | od -x

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Old 06-06-2005
Well, thanks for the responses
I need to split the file in 20K (20,000) records, not in 20K size
Jim I really dont understand what that od does

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