Transferring files from one linux server into another

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Transferring files from one linux server into another

Hello , I want to transfer files from one linux server into another , I got it working using SCP command , but I have to type in password for each and every file . All the remote severs have the same password , so is there a way that I can transfer all these files by typing my password only once ?
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It must be a strange way you run the scp command. Please post it here.
You should need to type in password only once per scp command.
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#!/bin/sh (completePath to file1.txt) (completePath to file2.txt)

files=( ${file1} ${file2} )

scp ${files[@]} /home/path to save files
echo done copying

I am running this script from I could copy files succesfully but typing the password two times using putty . if there are 10 files , i have to type password 10 times using this script.
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Don't specify the hosts at every file. Try to glob them together:
scp*.txt  /home/path

or better yet, ssh into the machine and then copy from the other side
scp /path/to/files/*.txt user1@host:/home/path

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hello mirni , I can not use this script because file1.txt and file2.txt are in different folders. What I am trying to do exactly is , there are logs generated for different applications , so I am trying to copy all the logs into one location .
actually my script is #!/bin/sh (completePath to file1.txt) (completePath to file2.txt)

files=( ${file1} ${file2} )

scp ${files[@]} /home/path3 to save files
echo done copying

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currently i am saving the files in my local and then copying into the remote location using batch script. like

C:\pscp.exe C:\path\Work\domain1

C:\pscp.exe C:\path\Work\domain2

C:\pscp.exe C:\path\Work\domain3

C:\pscp.exe C:\path\Work\domain1\file1.txt
C:\pscp.exe C:\path\Work\domain2\file2.txt
C:\pscp.exe C:\path\Work\domain3\file3.txt

I need not type any password here it is preauthenticating using my company' s laptop . Was just wondering , if i can skip the step of saving these files to local and do the transfers directly without having to type password many times.
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You can:
1.) On the source machine create a list of files and stash it into a variable and issue one scp command:
while read i ; do 
  l="$l $i "
done < mylistOfLogs.lst

scp $l user1@remote.server

The above method won't work if you have too many files.

2.) A cleaner and more universal solution would be to just compress them all into a tarball, then scp one file -- the tarball itself and decompress on the other side. This can easily be done on the fly too.

3.) Another way would be to create one temporary directory on the source machine, and create symlinks to the respective files. Then you can use scp -r, which by default will follow symbolic links. However, using 1) and 3) you will end up with all the copies in one place.

It seems like it would be much easier to generate ssh key and you don't have to worry about how many scp commands you issue.
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