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You have been given all the requested information to start your work...
Never heard of splitting a "complex" task into more simpler ones? (Basics of Data Processing...) like dealing separately days calculation and what is left: time HH.MM.SS? and knowing if you have to subtract a day ...
(Even my young son knows how to solve time problems since I have been takling him with speed in km/h and m/s problems like the famous crossing of two trains leaving 2 different cities at different time ( and trains travelling at different speed)...)

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Dear Vbe

I really dont like your way of conversation,its so offensive.
As stated before this is the first time for me to touch unix scripting ,i have never ever worked or even opened a file and this is my 3rd day learning .

So be patient on me and there is no use for you to be attacking .

I was not given the basic info as you see .

Being a Mod doesnt mean you can attack in such way, i request you to delete your post.

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An open logic idea for calculating the time difference. If the date is always the same, then the date difference is immaterial:
The mathematics is very similar to normal numeric subtraction except that the "borrow 1" becomes "borrow 60" when dealing with minutes and seconds, and "borrow 24" when dealing with hours.
This script contains no proper code to deal with a time difference of more than 24 hours, but does allow the time range to overlap midnight.
Not thoroughtly tested. Designed to demonstrate the principle.

egrep -v "TIME|==" filename.txt | awk '{print $1,$2}' |  read timestamp_raw1 timestamp_raw2
timestamp1=$( echo "${timestamp_raw1}" | cut -d. -f1 )
timestamp2=$( echo "${timestamp_raw2}" | cut -d. -f1 )
hh1=$( echo "${timestamp1}"|cut -c9-10 )
mm1=$( echo "${timestamp1}"|cut -c11-12 )
ss1=$( echo "${timestamp1}"|cut -c13-14 )
hh2=$( echo "${timestamp2}"|cut -c9-10 )
mm2=$( echo "${timestamp2}"|cut -c11-12 )
ss2=$( echo "${timestamp2}"|cut -c13-14 )
if [ ${ss2} -lt ${ss1} ]
        ss2=$(( ${ss2} + 60 ))
        mm1=$(( ${mm1} + 1 ))
ss3=$(( ${ss2} - ${ss1} ))
if [ ${mm2} -lt ${mm1} ]
        mm2=$(( ${mm2} + 60 ))
        hh1=$(( ${hh1} + 1 ))
mm3=$(( ${mm2} - ${mm1} ))
if [ ${hh2} -lt ${hh1} ]
        hh2=$(( ${hh2} + 24 ))
        # Insert code to borrow 1 from the days if needed
hh3=$(( ${hh2} - ${hh1} ))
echo "Difference: ${hh3}:${mm3}:${ss3}"

Difference: 1:14:11

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Thanks alot mthyl for your great support ,im trying it ...i have some problems but i will fix Smilie
I likd the fix of ss2 lt ss1 its really smart of you Smilie

I have an idea; i need you to correct me if i am wrong.

ill transfer h,m,s into seconds

so h1=h*60*60;m1=m*60*60 s=s1

so now i think i can subtract seconds to seconds then divide by 60 at the end .

also can put condition if o/p greater than 60 i could divide by another 60 to be in hours.

---------- Post updated at 06:49 AM ---------- Previous update was at 06:39 AM ----------

here is what i meant could any body correct me

echo $(date "${1:0:4}-${1:4:2}-${1:6:2}
                              ${1:8:2}:${1:10:2}:${1:12:2}" +%s)
difference=$(( `seconds2 $2` - `seconds1 $1` ))

im not sure about the

it didnt work although i read it should work
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h1=h*60*60;m1=m*60*60 s=s1
Surely that should be:
h1=h*60*60 ; m1=m*60 ; s1=s

Converting back from seconds to hours, minutes and seconds is fairly easy:
1) Divide by 3600 to get the hours, and keep the remainder.
2) Divide the remainder from above by 60 to give minutes. The new remainder is the seconds.

Ps. I can't comment on the code you posted because the syntax is alien to me. Maybe it came off a Linux system?
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Originally Posted by wnaguib
The all three links is how to transfer a 8-digit date to a normal julian date and do arithmatic actions

My request was on a 14-digit date YYYYmmDDHHMMSS time difference.
Part of your problem is that date math is a royal pain in Solaris. None of the "easy" ways work. Instead of rewriting huge, ugly, and potentially-buggy scripts from scratch, people will refer you to the better scripts people have already written, which we have in that FAQ.

So you're left with the problem of squishing your data to fit into these scripts. If you'd even had pseudocode people would be much more willing to help you. Just demanding that everyone write everything for you, start-to-finish, isn't just impolite -- it looks suspicious. We get many people trying to trick us into doing their homework for them.

You can't write shell code, fine. That doesn't mean you can't describe how you'd try to solve this problem in general. I'd happily give answers to questions like "How do I read a string from file?", "how do I break a string into parts?", "how do I do arithmetic in shell?", and "how do I put these things together like ...?"
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Originally Posted by wnaguib
im not sure about the

it didnt work although i read it should work
You're on Solaris, so you probably don't have GNU date. Try date --version to be sure.

If you don't, you can't feed a date into date and have it print it.

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