Launch shell script if string match is found

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Old 06-25-2012
Launch shell script if string match is found

I'm trying to write a simple shell script that looks at a given text file and if the only word in the file is 'completed', it launches another shell script.

So far I have this almost working...

if grep 'completed' $datafile

however, using this logic the secondary shell script gets launched if the word shows up anywhere in the file. Is there a way to have the logic key in on only the first word in the file?
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Old 06-25-2012
grep "^completed" $datafile && /shell/script/to/ || echo "completed is not in the first word"

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Old 06-25-2012
First you want to know if the ONLY word is "completed", later you say if the FIRST word is "completed". Which is it? Could there be multiple lines? Could the word "completed" be anywhere on the line or starting a line? Could there be lines before or after the word "completed"? Could there be error messages instead of the word "completed" that need to be accounted for? Need more info.
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Old 06-25-2012
zra1:/home/vbe/wks $ echo $CONTENT  

zra1:/home/vbe/wks $ cat test003.txt
zra1:/home/vbe/wks $ cat test003
if [ $(cat test003.txt|wc -w) -eq 1 ]
   echo still OK
   read CONTENT < test003.txt
   if [ "$CONTENT" = "completed" ]
      then echo cool
   echo not cool
zra1:/home/vbe/wks $ ./test003
still OK
zra1:/home/vbe/wks $ 

zra1:/home/vbe/wks $ cat test003.txt
zra1:/home/vbe/wks $ ./test003
not cool

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