Compare files with regular expression

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Compare files with regular expression


Reading a previous post about comparing files using awk ('awk-compare-2-columns-2-files-output-whole-line',, it is possible to adjust this, so that regular expression can be used as the criterion?

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Could you post input, output and what you tried so far?
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Not tried much yet. So far I have tried to understand the meaning of the command 'idx' but search results have not described this command. Example below:

text1 10
text2 20

text1textabc 10
text2textdef 20
text3textghi 30

#! /bin/awk -f
BEGIN {FS=","}
{idx=$1, [0-9]} FNR==NR{f1[idx];next} idx in f1 file1 file2

chmod u+x awktest
./awktest file1 file2 > file 3

awk: ./awktest:3: {idx=$1, [0-9]} FNR==NR{f1[idx];next} idx in f1 file1 file2
awk: ./awktest:3:        ^ syntax error
awk: ./awktest:3: {idx=$1, [0-9]} FNR==NR{f1[idx];next} idx in f1 file1 file2
awk: ./awktest:3:              ^ syntax error
awk: ./awktest:3: {idx=$1, [0-9]} FNR==NR{f1[idx];next} idx in f1 file1 file2
awk: ./awktest:3:                                                 ^ syntax error

file3 is empty!

Would like to be able to use regular expression as a criterion to select records that match the criterion and then create a new file in the format of file 2.

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idx is a mere variable in that script, not a command.. The script is giving syntax errors, therefore file 3 remains empty...

What is your desired output with these two input files?
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In summary "where a regular expression (e.g. [0-9]) within field 1 matches both file1 and file2, export that line into file3, but in the format of file2".
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Could you give an example?
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The previous post showed the example script and the errors?

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