Remote desktop for mac unix commands

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Remote desktop for mac unix commands

So Ive been a bit confused dealing with ssh keys or something else, who knows maybe someone can help.

I run a set of computers on a network which are all running mac os x lion. I have a lion server serving them all up. I run remote desktop to update them and do anything else "tech"
support needed.

Here is my problem:

I need to write a line of unix commands that I can put into apple's program Remote Desktop. The reason is so that when I type in the command or my boss does, that all the computers will login. I figured that ssh keys with a root command would be good but terrible with security. If anyone has any other ideas.

The only downside to remote desktops unix command line is that it isn't actually a "terminal" so you can't install programs into the command line to run them like "sshsudo" or any of those programs.

Help please?
I have tried everything I know, but i am only a college student i have much to learn from the more skilled and professional in this field.


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Wonder if you are in the right forum... This Remote Desktop is a Mac application...
Now if your concern were more "can it be solved" using standard (or mostly...) UNIX methods, the answer would be:
What are you trying to achieve?
All unix have the possibility to access to remote hosts... Its a question of configuration
The reason is so that when I type in the command or my boss does, that all the computers will login
Is more mysterious to me: What do you mean by all the computers will login?
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wasn't exactly sure where this should go... but basically i am trying to remote login to all machines so that I can remote update them all. Remote desktop allows me to update them all once logged in. But its a hassle to log in to every computer under the administrative account one by one.
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Being this appears to be a for-purchase commercial product, why not ask Apple?

If we were talking about SSH, I'd tell you to make a key with a password on it and use that key for autologin. You'd only have to type in the password once to login to n machines, and if anyone else stole the key it'd be no use to them.

Without getting several Mac's and purchasing my own copy of Remote Desktop it's difficult to know if it has something like this feature, but it's an avenue to explore I hope.
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thanks, yeah my problem again is that it is not a "Full Terminal" just a unix command line. I don't necessary like apple. they get annoying and either take forever or don't answer my questions.

Thanks Though,
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Originally Posted by jcahn93
thanks, yeah my problem again is that it is not a "Full Terminal" just a unix command line.
I'm not saying you should use ssh instead. I'm saying that, hopefully, Remote Desktop may have ways to use the same sort of keys.

OSX does have plenty of ways to administrate on the commandline too, however! Some admins claim they don't even need a remote desktop. Of course they may not need the same applications you do...
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I work at a computer lab and we need to monitor the students in the lab and there computers, thats the reason for remote desktop, but they have this command line for unix that we are trying to make use of.

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