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Help with search criterai

Hi ,

I have requirement... where in there are headers in the file and i need to pick the records right below them...

Qwerty Apple
10 20 30'
30 40 50
50 60 70
Qwerty Mango
40 50 60
76 86 98
80 59 67
Qwerty banana
77 66 99
77 99 100

Now, my search criteria shud be based on apple,mango and banana and i need to pick the records beneath the header and the headers shouldn't be present in the file.

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sed '/^Qwerty/d' file

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sed -n '/[0-9]/p' infile

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sed '/^Qwerty/d' file ......Works fine

But what if say , i do not want the records below Qwerty Mango???? How can we handle this????

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sed '/^Qwerty Mango/q' file

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it doesnt work as expected...get the same result as
 sed '/^Qwerty/d' file

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