Copy files with same name but different extension from 2 different directory

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Originally Posted by Leion
no.. the ii variable will get the filename without extension. and the grep -v part will filter away the original filename before copy..

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Just copy ext2 and no other extensions.
for i in $(ls ext1directory)
cp allextdirectory/${ii}ext2 ext1directory

i tried it, it does copy everything .. not only the files with equal names ..
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This command should do what you need ( I don't have a terminal with me so cannot test it):

set file_name -A `ls /ext1directory/*.ext1 | sed 's/\(.*\)\.ext1/\1/g'`
cd /allextdirectory
for file1 in `ls ${file_name[*]} | grep -v '.ext1'$`
cp $file1 /ext1directory


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