Multiple file rename

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Multiple file rename

hi im new to linux and was just wondering if some 1 could help me

i have folders with T.V. series in them and i would like to delete part of the filename


(series name).s01e01.(episode name)
(series name).s01e02.(episode name)
(series name).s01e03.(episode name)
(series name).s01e04.(episode name)
(series name).s01e05.(episode name)

i would like them to be

s01e01.(episode name)
s01e02.(episode name)
s01e03.(episode name)
s01e04.(episode name)
s01e05.(episode name)
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ls | sed 's/<series name>\.\(.*\)\.\(.*\)/\1.\2/g' | xargs -I% mv '<series name>'.% %

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Here is my try as well for the entire operation :

Position yourself in working folder (series folder)
ls -1 *.avi  | sed 's/.*\([Ss][0-9]\{1,2\}[Ee][0-9]\{1,2\}\)\(.*\)/mv "&" "\1\2" /g' # | bash

If you are satisfied with the result pipe it to bash (remove the comment #)
It should work with spaces in filenames and any <series name>, condition is that it respects the format S num num E num num

Hope that helps
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Originally Posted by Peasant
ls -1 *.avi  | sed 's/.*\([Ss][0-9]\{1,2\}[Ee][0-9]\{1,2\}\)\(.*\)/mv "&" "\1\2" /g' # | bash

... It should work with spaces in filenames and any <series name>, condition is that it respects the format S num num E num num
Although it's not likely, for completeness' sake I will point out that a series name with a double quote will break that script. A leading dash will as well, but that's even less likely in a television series name.

Since I'm picking nits, the -1 option is never necessary when piping. ls examines its stdout and if it's not the terminal (in this case it's a pipe) it always writes one filename per line.

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Thanks for your information about -1

Considering sed, that's why i suggested the op to inspect the output before running it actually, since it's not a large quantity of files Smilie

I presume that quality of code to cover all variants (escape chars, double quotes etc.) would be somewhat bigger then one sed line.


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