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Read complete line

Hello all,

I have following line and want to search the exact match in text file.

30 6 * * * /data/abc/abc.ksh -f xya.sql -xyz@email -x -c -g

I have tried it many ways like grep -W ,sed,etc.... but could not find the solution.

The above line i am storing it in one variable called "var" and evertime i will have different line in this variable.Can you please help me in this??
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var='30 6 * * * /data/abc/abc.ksh -f xya.sql -xyz@email -x -c -g'
grep -F -- "$var" file

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Thanks for your reply But at my end -F is not working.. Smilie

is there any other alternative?
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Are you using Solaris? Try:
/usr/xpg4/bin/grep -F -- "$var" file

or otherwise try:
fgrep -- "$var" file

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Thanks a ton!!!!

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