Prevent terminal from closing after command execution

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Prevent terminal from closing after command execution


I want to create application which launches some terminal, then some command is executed on that terminal and then prevent terminal from closing.

I started to do on gnome-terminal because the Gnome is the most widely used desktop-manager in the Linux distributions.

I want to do something like that:
gnome-terminal --sync -x tcsh -c "cd xys; command ;" &

In konsole there is a --noclose option preventing the terminal from closing after the command execution.

I can do it like that:
gnome-terminal --sync -x tcsh -c "cd xys; command xxx ; exec tcsh; " &

But then I lose the certain settings which I loaded in the terminal during the command xxx execution.

Do you know how to prevent gnome-terminal from closing after the command execution?

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what does this command line give you:
gnome-terminal --sync -x tcsh -exec "cd xys&& command xxx; exec tcsh" &   # or:
gnome-terminal --sync -x tcsh -exec "cd xys; command xxx && exec tcsh" &

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Using && instead of ; in the command does not change the problem that if there is a exec tcsh in the end of line the settings loaded before that are lost.
I want to do
gnome-terminal --sync -x tcsh -c "cd <some_folder>; some_command ;" &
And terminal to remain opened after some_command execution.

If in xterm that is possible I can use it instaed of gnome-terminal.
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Its the first - exec I wanted to know about for I have no tcsh... can only emulate in ksh without gnome...

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