Reading the dates from a file & moving the files from a directory

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Reading the dates from a file & moving the files from a directory

Hi All,

I am coding for a requirement where I need to read a file & get the values of SUB_DATE. Once the dates are found, i need to move the files based on these dates from one directory to another.

ie, this is how it will be in the file,

SUB_DATE = 20120608,20120607,20120606,20120606

Now, i need to move the file (with filename like a.20120608,a.20120607 etc) from /path/source to /path/destination.

Can anybody shed some light on how to achieve this ?

Thanks Much
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This will do it for you:
for x in `sed 's/^SUB_DATE = //;s/,/\n/g' test.txt`
  mv /source_directory/a.$x /target_directory

# File test.txt has records like:
SUB_DATE = 20120608,20120607,20120606,20120606

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Thanks Spacebar for your reply.

Yes,your code seems to work for all the dates except the first date in the file. ie 20120608. Here is the error message I got,

++ sed 's/^P_SUB_DATE = //;s/,/\n/g' /iis_dev_data3/wcc/cpmg/tmp/test.txt
+ for x in '`sed '\''s/^P_SUB_DATE = //;s/,/\n/g'\'' /iis_dev_data3/wcc/cpmg/tmp/test.txt`'
+ mv /iis_dev_data3/wcc/cpmg/ctl/filename.P_SUB_DATE=20120608.dat.gz //iis_dev_data3/wcc/cpmg/inbox
mv: cannot stat `/iis_dev_data3/wcc/cpmg/ctl/filename.P_SUB_DATE=20120608.dat.gz': No such file or directory
+ for x in '`sed '\''s/^P_SUB_DATE = //;s/,/\n/g'\'' /iis_dev_data3/wcc/cpmg/tmp/test.txt`'
+ mv /iis_dev_data3/wcc/cpmg/ctl/filename.20120607.dat.gz //iis_dev_data3/wcc/cpmg/inbox
Can you pls help.


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Never Mind, I figured out the issue.Smilie

The Space between the Equals ( = ) was causing the problem.

Thanks for your help. Appreciate it.

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It appears that the contents of the file aren't exactly as you posted in your initial post. Working with spacebar's original post this might help:

sed 's/.*= //;s/,/\n/g' test.txt | while read x
  mv "/source_directory/a.$x" /target_directory/

Also note the change to read from sed's stdout rather than using backtics. Using the results of a command as input to the for isn't good practice (Useless Use of Cat Award there is a section on useless backtics too). I also think it's good practice to add a slant (/) to the end of the directory name on a mv command; if the directory doesn't exist, then you'll get an error rather than all files being moved to the same file name resulting in the loss of all files except the last.

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Thanks Agama. I agree with you. (Made the changes you suggested).

Now, i have a different issue. In the test.txt file, I have one more variable named BUS_DATE (& it comes first in the file).

$cat test.txt


Looks like it is taking the BUS_DATE & then goes to the SUB_DATE.

Pls find the error msg below,

+ for x in '`sed '\''s/^SUB_DATE=//;s/,/\n/g'\'' path/test.txt`'
+ mv /path/filename.BUS_DATE=20120314.dat.gz /destination/ mv: cannot stat `/source/filename.BUS_DATE=20120314.dat': No such file or directory
+ for x in '`sed '\''s/^SUB_DATE=//;s/,/\n/g'\'' path/test.txt`'
+ mv /source/filename.20120608.dat /destination/
I dont need to pass the BUS_DATE. Any thoughts.

Thanks much
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Sorry -- wasn't thinking about the possibility of other matches.

Try something like this:
sed '/SUB_DATE/ !d; s/.*=//; s/,/\n/g' input-file | while read x
   echo "$x"

It should ignore any line that doesn't contain SUB_DATE and then break each element from the comma separated list into a newline separated list that will be properly read by the while. Was thinking multiple lines with my suggestion.

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