Preseed command to copy a file to /root directory

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Preseed command to copy a file to /root directory

I was hoping to edit the command below to copy a file "start.bin" from the install cd to /root on the installation machine.

d-i     preseed/late_command string \
   wget -O /target/root/start.bin 'http://abc.start.bin' \
   && in-target chmod 755 /root/start.bin \

My best guess is it would be something like...

d-i     preseed/late_command string \
   cp start.bin \ && in-target chmod 755 /root/start.bin \

This is probably very simple, but as a newb to Linux it seems daunting. Thank you in advance for any help.

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CHROOT(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 						 CHROOT(8)

chroot -- change root directory SYNOPSIS
chroot [-u -user] [-g -group] [-G -group,group,...] newroot [command] DESCRIPTION
The chroot command changes its root directory to the supplied directory newroot and exec's command, if supplied, or an interactive copy of your shell. If the -u, -g or -G options are given, the user, group and group list of the process are set to these values after the chroot has taken place. See setgid(2), setgroups(2), setuid(2), getgrnam(3) and getpwnam(3). Note, command or the shell are run as your real-user-id. ENVIRONMENT
The following environment variable is referenced by chroot: SHELL If set, the string specified by SHELL is interpreted as the name of the shell to exec. If the variable SHELL is not set, /bin/sh is used. SEE ALSO
chdir(2), chroot(2), environ(7) HISTORY
The chroot utility first appeared in 4.4BSD. SECURITY CONSIDERATIONS
chroot should never be installed setuid root, as it would then be possible to exploit the program to gain root privileges. 4.3 Berkeley Distribution October 6, 1998 4.3 Berkeley Distribution

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