Alternate for pwdx in HPUX

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Alternate for pwdx in HPUX

I need alternate command as pwdx does not work on

HP-UX mymachine B.11.31 U ia64 3223107173 unlimited-user license

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pwdx is a linux command I doubt it exist under HP-UX or AIX ( up to 6.1...), solaris 10 has something though...
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Originally Posted by vbe
pwdx is a linux command I doubt it exist under HP-UX or AIX ( up to 6.1...), solaris 10 has something though...

Can you design any script for HPUX or any tool with a similar functionality as I am habitual to using it.
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hpux doesn't even have /proc, so getting that kind of information from the outside is difficult. At a glance, not even pstat has that info available, though I don't have an HP-UX machine to check. You might be able to play with ps options.

I don't think using pwdx was a good habit to have gotten into, honestly. What functionality do you need it for? Usually those sorts of paths are supposed to be defined, not inferred.
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This should produce similar results on HPUX with lsof installed
lsof -p 2912 | awk '$4 == "cwd"'

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This should produce similar results on HPUX with lsof installed
lsof -p 2912 | awk '$4 == "cwd"'

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I get an output as below.

==> lsof -p 11467 | awk '$4 == "cwd"'
java_q4p 11467  bea  cwd    DIR           2,0xc351       8192    11238 /opt/app/bea/user_projects/domains/base_domain

Can you please explain me the significance of your command below ?

awk '$4 == "cwd"'

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If the field 4 of the lsof -p pidoutput is cwd, print that line.
Using awk instead of grep, since it will limit the search on only forth field.

cwd is current working directory, for more info consult lsof manual.

Hope that helps

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