[Solved] Syntax error for awk in a loop

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Hammer & Screwdriver [Solved] Syntax error for awk in a loop

can some one please tell me what is the problem with my syntaxSmilie

I have 100 files in one folder
1. want to read each of the line by line
2. calculate their number of the words between the first word and the last word of each line
3. create file for each file with number of words between them instead of words for each line

for X in "$FILES"
	awk '{print NF-2}' $X > count/$X-new.txt 

and it gives the error
bash: count/word/*-new.txt: No such file or directory
but some who this is not working and I dont understand where the problem is Smilie
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what is the value of the variable ?


And do you have a folder called count inside the test directory ?
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no specific value ...

i might be doing this wrong ... I want to create documents with either the same name or something like previous name + new
not sure if i have done right

I have test folder with two folders of data and count
data is the one with 100 files in it and I was running the code when i was on test

i have changed the folders around but still get the same things
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try this..
for X in "$FILES"
    new_name=$(basename $X)    
    awk '{print NF-2}' $X > count/${new_name}_new.txt 

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Thanks for the reply

I get the following error

basename: extra operand `data/this-that.txt'
Try `basename --help' for more information.
and it only creates one file with combined count and 100 files

Am i missing a loop for that?
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can you post your script
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now that change to yours I have

for X in "$FILES"
    names=$(basename $X)    
    awk '{print NF-2}' $X > count/${names}.txt 

I have 100 files in WORD
and want the same 100 files in COUNT but number of words instead of the words itself

and i get the following error

basename: extra operand `word/this-that.txt'
Try `basename --help' for more information.

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