Static date adding and subtracting years

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Static date adding and subtracting years

Hi Gurus!

I have a static date in a YYYYMMDD format; and I want get the date 2 years in the past and 2 years in the future.

old_date=$static_date - 3 years
future_date=$static_date + 2 years

I was only able to research on dates that are current and not on static dates wherein I can have it set and just changing it when I want.
Please help...
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old_date=`echo $static_date | awk '{print substr($0,1,4)-3""substr($0,5)}'`
future_date=`echo $static_date | awk '{print substr($0,1,4)+2""substr($0,5)}'`

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old_date=$((static_date - (3 * 10000)))
future_date=$((static_date + (2 * 10000)))

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Thanks for the replies... I just wonder if the date is a leap year...
example: 20120229... and there is no 20090229... in this case it should be the next day 20090301 is subtracted by 3 years

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