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File handling in UNIX

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File handling in UNIX

Hi All,
I want to read a file in UNIX line by line.

Can u suggest me any command for this?
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Depends on what you want to carry out.

Here is one solution
#! /bin/sh
for i in $(cat
echo " This is the line just read $i"

The above assumes you have a file and you want to read the contents line by line.

Suppose you want to input lines to a file from the standrd input, then this would do

#! /bin/sh

while read line
echo $line >>

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In Vino's post the first method would be better done like this:

#! /bin/ksh

while read line
    echo $line >>
done <

note the the only change from the second one is the bit in bold. In his example $(cat is incorrect since his example was using sh as it's shell that syntax is used in ksh/bash not sh, also it is a UUOC, basically cat is a waste of a process, since the shell can handle the input from a file.
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See the Tips and Tutorials Section for 12 methods for reading/parsing a file.
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I stand corrected.


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