Email Script not working when added to cron[solved]

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Email Script not working when added to cron[solved]


I have written an email script in python which sends email to the given id.

I have customized the script for generating space alert inside a shell script as shown below

df -h /microfocus > /tmp/spacereport

## Filter the %usage to variable per
per=$(awk '{if (NR==3){print $4}}' /tmp/spacereport)

## Strip off the character % from the variable per
result=`echo $per|sed s/.$//`

if [ $result -gt '80' ] ; then

        echo "Space reached to 80 % on /microfocus"
        echo "Triggering a mail "
        ## include the option for server name
        if [ $? != "0" ] ; then
                echo "done"
                echo "failed"
        echo "Space is within limits"


if i execute the above code in the shell. its sending a mail to default id i coded in python.

I have added it to the crontab to execute at particular time. At the time of event it displaying a message over terminal like "sending mail to /var/mail/user"

Why the cron is sending a mail local to the user instead of email id ?

Note: the above shell program is working good i execute in shell without cron, I can see a mail on my email id

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got fixed after checking the error messages using >>redirectfile 2>&1. The problem was with an environment variable.


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cscope-indexer(1)					      General Commands Manual						 cscope-indexer(1)

cscope-indexer - Script to index files for cscope SYNOPSIS
cscope-indexer [-v] [-f database_file] [-i list_file] [-l] [-r] DESCRIPTION
This script generates a list of files to index (cscope.out), which is then (optionally) used to generate a cscope database. You can use this script to just build a list of files, or it can be used to build a list and database. This script is not used to just build a data- base (skipping the list of files step), as this can be simply done by just calling "cscope -b". Normally, cscope will do its own indexing, but this script can be used to force indexing. This is useful if you need to recurse into sub- directories, or have many files to index (you can run this script from a cron job, during the night). It is especially useful for large projects, which can contstantly have source files added and deleted; by using this script, the changing sources files are automatically handled. Currently, any paths containing "/CVS/" or "/RCS/" are stripped out (ignored). OPTIONS
-f database_file Specifies the cscope database file (default: cscope.out). -i list_file Specifies the name of the file into which the list of files to index is placed (default: cscope.files). -l Suppress the generation/updating of the cscope database file. Only a list of files is generated. -r Recurse into subdirectories to locate files to index. Without this option, only the current directory is searched. -v Be verbose. Output simple progress messages. SEE ALSO
cscope(1) AUTHOR
This manual page was written for the Debian GNU/Linux system by Robert Lemmen <> (but may be used by others, of course) Script to index files for cscope 30. December 2002 cscope-indexer(1)

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