Renaming Files With 2 .

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Renaming Files With 2 .

Dear All expertise..
just wanna ask if there is a way on how to change the filename as per below sample:-


to convert to:-
Code: (rename from cob120514093156.03.466926330) (rename from CCBS-CPMM_SEND_COB_120514_100549_3.rpt)

Thank You.

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why duplicate post ?

what you tried so far ?
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sorry for the double posting...
just find out that the 1st one post was not on dummies Q&A...
so i post another 1 in this thread...
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mv ${filename} ${filename}.bd
2) what is the logic in the below renaming ? (rename from CCBS-CPMM_SEND_COB_120514_100549_3.rpt)

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mv cob120514093156.03.466926330 
mv CCBS-CPMM_SEND_COB_120514_100549_3.rpt

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Originally Posted by itkamaraj
mv ${filename} ${filename}.bd
this could be done if only i got 1 file.
but every 4 days i'll get 16 files and how should i rename it? noobs here...
sample of file:-


2) what is the logic in the below renaming ? (rename from CCBS-CPMM_SEND_COB_120514_100549_3.rpt)
the logic is... .br is stand for report & the .bd was for payment files with diff id... the red bold is the ID.

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