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Question Unix egrep

I can not find error why my script does not work .

egrep -n "is" $egrepline

egrepline = "filename1 ...filenameN"

supposed result:
filename1:linenumber: matched line.
filenameN:linenumber: matched line

If more than 2 files as
egrepline = "filename1 filename2"

, I get correct format

If only one file as
egrepline = "filename1"


my result is wrong format as:
:linenumber: matched line.

I try
1. egrep -n "is" $egrepline
2. egrep -n "is" "$egrepline"
3. egrep -n "is" {$egrepline}

I can not get correct format

Is there any missing word in my command? Please help.

Thank you
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The easiest solution in my opinion is to add dummy file at the end:
egrepline="$egrepline /dev/null"
egrep -n "is" $egrepline

This User Gave Thanks to bartus11 For This Post:
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Thank you . Its work!

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