Regarding vi commands for searching something in Log

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Data Regarding vi commands for searching something in Log

Hi Folks,
Please advise me that I have to search some thing in log , I have reached to that Location through putty and I have opened that log file through putty with VI editor ..

cd /var/abc.log
tail -f abc.log
vi abc.log

and I see the logs but please advise me the commands..If I need to search something in logs what Vi commands I need ..lets say in log I need to search a word 'abcd'
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press Esc before to be sure you are no more in mod/insert mode...
press n for next occurance
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To learn what is necessary to use vi enter man vi instead of posting here. To further sweeten the deal: it is less work and more informative.

I hope this helps.

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Originally Posted by vbe

press Esc before to be sure you are no more in mod/insert mode...
press n for next occurance
Hi ,
Thanks a lot . Is there any other way for example let say as You have guided that I have opened the abc.log file through Vi editor and if Lets say I am searching on the logs where pattern 'abcd' is there in logs and it could be in sat several places in logs so all those places it is there in logs it could get highlighted ,in Vi itself .

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