Sorting by Multiple Columns

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Sorting by Multiple Columns


I have a text file that has four columns (Logonid,First Name,Last Name,Status)

Logonid    First Name   Last Name  Status
abc2        Fred           Mercury     Inactive
abc1        John           Deacon      Active
abc3        Roger         Taylor        Active
abc4        Brian          May           Inactive

In the above scenario I would want the following order (ie sorted alphabetically on 1st and 4th columns)...

Logonid    First Name   Last Name  Status
abc1        John           Deacon      Active
 abc3        Roger         Taylor        Active
abc2        Fred           Mercury     Inactive
 abc4        Brian          May           Inactive

I am trying to use the following (which is not working!)..

cat inputfile.csv | sort -t',' -k1 -k4  >> outputfile-$var_date.csv

Any help always appreciated.

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You sort command should work fine outside the fact it tells to use a colon as field separator while the file you are showing isn't using them but spaces.
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I think you need to re-read the sort man page; you've got the idea but are confused. Here's how I'd do it:
head -1 $input > $output
tail -n +2 $input | sort -k 4,4 -k 1,1 >>$output

If "tail -n +2" returns an error, use sed:
sed -n '2,$p' $input | ...

The order you specify the -k sort keys options dictates the precedence of the sorting. In this case you wanted the 4th field sorted and THEN the 1st field.

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