Filewatcher job

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Filewatcher job

Hi Friends
iam using a filewatcher job which checks the path in intervals
below is the script
check_interval=120 # check every 2 minutes 
(( check_interval_minutes=${check_interval}/60 )) 
while [ ${timer1} -lt 180 ] 
if [ -f /home/ab1234/files/abcd.dat ] 
echo "My file exists now..." | mailx -s "File status" emailid
sleep ${check_interval} 
(( timer1=${timer1} ${check_interval_minutes} )) 
#if it does not show up, send alert 
if [ ${fileflag} -eq 0 ] 
echo "1 hours past. FIle still did not arrive" | mailx -s "File status ALERT!" emailid
# if it passes this point and  watch until file arrives 
while [ ${fileflag} -eq 0 ] 
if [ -f /home/ab1234/files/abcd.dat ] 
echo "File arrived and processesing at `date`" | mailx -s "File status" emailid
sleep ${check_interval} 

and when i run im getting
ksh: syntax error: `do' unmatched


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There is a "done" missing. It helps if you indent your code, then you would have noticed it instantly..
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Thanks a lot!
added Done at the end
executed the script in this fashion
. ./script.ksh .

and got the below error
$ . ./filewatcher.ksh .
ksh:  timer1=0 2 : syntax error

please advise!

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Yes that is a syntax error. I do not know what you are trying to achieve here, I think the arithmetic operator is missing...

That is not how you execute a script BTW. Try:
./filewatcher.ksh .

Make the script executable first..
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Actually the line
check interval is not resolving
check_interval=120 # check every 5 minutes
(( check_interval_minutes=${check_interval}/60 ))

tried debugging the scrpt using ksh -vx

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I think it is. According to your error message, the value is 2.

Please view this link to learn the use of code tags.
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i give up ,
unable to solve
BTW # 5 minutes is a typo error
Getting the same error
+ sleep 120
+ ((  timer1=0 2  ))
filewatcher.ksh[16]:  timer1=0 2 : syntax error


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