Filtering data -extracting specific lines

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Where did your accept and reject files come from? If you edited one set in nano or vi with cygwin, and the other set in Microsoft Notepad, they will be different. UNIX ends lines in \n, Windows ends them in \r\n.

grep may attempt to match them literally, i.e. hunting for "ur doc\r" instead of "ur doc", because UNIX only uses \n at the end of the line. Anything else will be considered part of the text.

You should be editing your scripts inside cygwin itself too, since these stray carriage returns will cause havoc there as well.

To remove carriage returns from a text file, tr -d '\r' < wingarbage.txt > normaltext.txt
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i just done that and i get a better results but i am still not sure whether this is the right result or the previous one.
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What's the difference? grep matches any of those lines, order really doesn't matter.

If you need some other behavior, please explain in more detail exactly what you need it to do.
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it seems to be a problem with my systems. I am using cygwin on two different computers and one seems to work perfectly with no problems so i decided to stick to one for the results

thank your for your attention

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